About Us

We had started our school with your blessings in 2010 with the aim of providing holistic grooming to the children under the age of six with special attention on cultivating ethics, decorum and companionship amongst them.

All of you know that as per nature kids are fond of playing in all categories of lives and we should not deprive them by giving them only the study materials.


Our aim is to develop the child with their full potential so that they will be able to begin their life to the right path of their journey. We maintain to keep the same staff so that the children have the continuity of sharing their mornings with the same members of staff each day they attend play school.

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290/1 Ramkrishna Road,
New Barrackpore.

Email: info@bloomingkids.net.in

+91-9051908747/ 033- 2537 7125